Paedyn Fazon

Client Relationship Manager - San Antonio Office

Paedyn was born in a small town called Prieto Diaz in the Philippines. Having lived in several different countries, her diverse experiences and dedication to service helped shape her into the strong and charismatic individual she is today.

Houston, Texas holds a special place in Paedyn’s heart as her hometown where she graduated from George Bush High School. Her passion for serving her country led her to join the United States Air Force. Throughout her time in the Air Force, she displayed a natural inclination for leadership, holding various crucial positions such as quality assurance manager, financial analyst supervisor, and financial operations manager.

After ten years of service, Paedyn decided to make San Antonio, Texas, her new home, where fate would lead her to the love of her life. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in cyber and information security technology from East Coast Polytechnic Institute University (ECPI), she decided to seek new challenges beyond her military career.

Paedyn joined Global Wealth Advisors in 2023 as a client relationship manager in the San Antonio office. She is enthusiastic about being part of the team and hopes to make a lasting impact on clients and colleagues. Prior, she served as an operations manager for Empower Wealth Advisors as well as a task manager for an information technology company, where she handled the hiring and office operations in support of the United States Customs and Border Patrol. Outside of work, she finds joy in traveling and hiking with her husband and three children.

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