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About us: A historical perspective

Founded in 2008, Global Wealth Advisors (GWA) is a premier financial advisory firm offering boutique wealth management to high-net-worth individuals and families, executives, and business owners.

GWA Yesterday

After focusing on estate planning for several years, President Kris Maksimovich envisioned providing clients with comprehensive wealth management and independence from “in-house” products. Over the years, GWA has partnered with some of the industry’s brightest minds, expanding the business nationwide.

Since its founding, the firm has steadily grown from its humble origins in Dallas, Texas to expand service locations:

  • 2010 – Expanded servicing to include the Corsicana, Texas area
  • 2013 – Added a branch in Angleton, Texas
  • 2014 – Merged in financial planning clients from a CPA located in the Midland, Texas area
  • 2018 – Opened another office in Dallas, this time uptown
  • 2018 – Expanded into Houston, Texas with a branch office also serving the Gulf Coast
  • 2020 – Moved its headquarters from Dallas to a high-rise located in the beautiful Castle Hills area of Lewisville, Texas
  • 2020 – Expanded nationally by adding a branch office in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area
  • 2023 – Partnered with Empower Wealth Advisors, adding a San Antonio, Texas office
  • 2023 – Joined forces with Business Financial Group in San Antonio, Texas to form Global Business Advisors, offering business owners menu-driven solutions for payroll, employee benefits, human resources, and corporate retirement services

GWA Today

Today, we have multiple convenient offices located throughout Texas and in Pennsylvania. GWA’s professionals are laser-focused on providing clients with a highly polished experience using our proprietary 3P Approach© to planning that grows with our clients as their lives change. The team values relationships that are a good fit for both of us and that are based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. We’re excited about supporting the communities in which we operate and helping people pursue their financial dreams.

GWA Tomorrow

The future of GWA is brighter than ever.  We see continued growth as we work to add additional convenient locations and team members who live our core values.

  • Short-term goals. We will continue our philanthropic and volunteer activities through the GWA Gives© program which provides value to the community through hands-on volunteering and financial education. We will continue to build a financial literacy repository enabling multi-generational awareness of financial planning and wealth management strategies that can help people keep more of what is theirs. We will provide even more client opportunities for community engagement and networking.
  • Long-term goals. We look forward to new opportunities that serve and delight clients through additional in-house services and affiliate partnerships. We plan to offer clients a custom portal tailored to their interests with current news, event announcements, and account access.

About us: Our core values

We’re stubborn about our core values. We seek team members who are:

  • Passionate. We have a genuine love and pride for what we do
  • Care for & serve others. We prioritize the needs and well-being of our clients first and foremost
  • Value reputation. We place importance on maintaining a positive image and credibility
  • Relentless. We have an unwavering commitment to excellence, striving for continuous improvement

About us: Our commitments

A value-based philosophy creates a framework in everything we do, and building trust is at the heart of our financial planning and wealth management relationships. Our advisors and staff promise to:

  • Listen and understand. Listen to you and ask questions until we fully understand what is important to you and what you wish to accomplish
  • Customize your plan. Develop your financial plan with individualized recommendations within three weeks of data-gathering
  • Follow an implementation schedule. Provide an implementation schedule and assure that every strategy you choose to implement is implemented
  • Coordinate with your team. Coordinate the legal and tax work among your various advisors, or refer you to attorneys and CPAs
  • Be proactive. Contact you on a predetermined schedule to evaluate our progress and address your questions
  • Return your calls. If we are not available when you call, we ensure a staff member returns your call promptly the next business day
  • Continuing education. Continually study financial markets to provide you with the most substantive and current information available
  • Regular meeting schedule. Meet with you annually or as needed, to adapt your plan to any life, business or financial changes that have occurred
  • Prioritize your confidence. Prioritize your confidence because your financial plan should be about your goals, not ours

Simply put, our mission is to help people live more and worry less.


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