Exit & Succession Planning Guide

Business ownership comes with its own set of unique challenges, like what happens to your business should something happen to you. Our guide discusses the numerous ways of exiting your business

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Protect What You Worked Hard to Build

It likely took years of development and analysis to find the best way to make your business successful.  Equally, it will take years of refining to create a plan for exiting your business. Starting early is critical, and our succession planning guide can help you set a course for success. This comprehensive guide endeavors to address several important aspects of your exit and succession planning.

Topics Covered

  • Assessing and building business value
  • Value drivers
  • Succession types
  • Types of insider business transfers
  • Family transfers
  • Third-party sales
  • Selling to a co-owner
  • IPOs
  • Passive ownership
  • Liquidation
  • Business continuity
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Estate planning
  • Gap analysis
  • Derailing success

For most owners, the business is your most significant asset and the number of possible exit routes can seem unlimited. As you begin drafting what a successful business exit might look like for you, we look forward to helping you identify your goals and create a plan that lets you and your family enjoy your exit while leaving a legacy for your business stakeholders and community.

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