Seven Pillars of Financial Success

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7 Pillars

Will I have enough? This is a question many of our clients have when they come to us.  You want to ensure you have enough resources to retire, but you also want to ensure your plan is flexible.  Juggling the pieces of your financial life may seem overwhelming or confusing, especially when your life keeps changing.  As part of our planning process, we help simplify those complexities.  We focus on organizing and coordinating all aspects of your wealth management to create the financial peace of mind most of our clients are looking for.

Why Seven Pillars?

Our seven pillars form a clear image of the value we bring to clients over the life of our relationship.  In fact, our team has identified 112 things we do spanning the entire financial life of our clients.  Rather than attempt to name each activity, we simplified them into Seven Pillars of Financial Success:

Wealth Management Process - Solutions based upon your goals
Risk Management Process - Weighing risk with perceived reward
Assistance to Loved Ones - Helping those you care most about
Retirement and Financial Independence - Finding the right time for you to retire on your terms
Tax Planning Process - It's about keeping more of what you earn
Estate Planning and Charitable Giving Process - Ensuring your loved ones are protected and your wishes are met
Value-Added Services - Doing those extra things for you, your family, or your business

As part of our process, we explore each pillar in detail to determine which ones require immediate attention and which are long-term.  With these findings, we customize your short-term and long-term plan, offer straightforward investment advice, consider ways to mitigate risk to your portfolio and recommend a blend of tax strategies that help you keep more of what you've earned.  This personalized approach can help you confidently answer the question of whether you will have enough - by using a strategy that is based on your entire financial picture and focused on what's most important to you.

Have you ever tried to build a jigsaw puzzle without a picture? Our proprietary 3P Approach© to planning forms a single foundation from which the seven pillars of financial success are managed.  While not all of the pillars may be relevant to you today, many may be over time as your life evolves.  Through a routine cadence of reviews, these pillars can be added as they become necessary.  Instead of outgrowing your financial plan, you continually grow into it.

Watch for our published articles on Kiplinger that are related to these seven pillars of financial success.

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