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Executive Planning in Action

The process for developing a plan based on personalized goals and preserving wealth is a complex part of financial planning for executives. This includes implementing a variety of strategies covering:

Full spectrum financial planning. Executives have unique and complex circumstances that often require life-stage financial planning, planning for a varied family structure, and career-based planning.

Accumulation planning. Accumulated wealth often presents unique challenges, and we can help address these through the proper application.

Examples of strategies include:

  • Exchange funds
  • Tax-loss harvesting through separately managed accounts
  • Charitable strategies
  • Alternative investments
  • Risk and protection
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Insurance advice helping you identify solutions to protect what you value most
  • Real estate advice

Tax planning and optimization. Although wealth planning decisions are rarely made solely on their tax impact, it’s wise to consider the tax issues and costs involved. We work with your CPA and other trusted financial advisors to help you keep more of what you earn.

Family governance. Ensuring proper stewardship of your wealth is as important as how to transfer it efficiently and effectively. We have resources to guide you through family conversations about your intentions and the financial values you would like to impart.

Estate and trust planning services. Planning early for the future distribution of your assets can help you preserve and transfer wealth in the manner you wish.

Philanthropic and charitable planning. Most people donate to charities because they believe in their mission and contributing offers a sense of personal satisfaction. At the same time, charitable giving can help minimize your income and estate taxes. You may need planning that creates clarity for your personal goals and tax-incentive needs.

Additional services. In addition to investment and wealth planning, we can also assist with connecting you to services that will meet a wide variety of your other financial needs. These include lending solutions, analysis of equity compensation awards and executive benefits, and a family legacy package.

Retirement Management and Employer-Sponsored Plans

Gain access to 401(k), 403(b), 457, TRS, and TSP benefit plan specialists experienced in assessing and maximizing current employer-sponsored benefits. We offer executives approaches and strategies designed for a broad range of needs, including:

  • Personalized goals analysis
  • Tailored executive retirement plan recommendations
  • Assess and maximize current employer-sponsored benefits
  • Retirement strategy
  • Investment account consolidation
  • Assistance managing your nonqualified deferred compensation plan
  • Tax-advantaged strategies

We’re happy to discuss your specific retirement plan needs with you.

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