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Design and implement an employee financial wellness program

Business leaders know that building a happier, more productive workforce is beneficial for their business. Especially when it applies strategies that improve employee retention, increase productivity, and reduce your HR burden. For employees, creating a secure retirement is an essential part of their empowerment. Simply knowing they have the added benefit of financial education and planning can help them focus on their responsibilities to the company.

Elements of financial wellness

While employers consider their employees to be one of their most important assets, when it comes to financial wellness they often feel their time is better spent delivering products or services. As a complement to the employee retirement plan management services we provide employers, we also help employees take control of their financial goals with a robust employee financial wellness program.

Our financial wellness programs allow business leaders to offer customized educational programs as a benefit to their employees. This wellness program suite of solutions includes:

  • Group enrollment and education meetings. Our team of experienced financial advisors will hold and attend routine meetings to discuss retirement strategies and investment options to help the team reach their retirement dreams.
  • Financial education and wellness resources. We offer biannual employee training and education along with easy-to-understand financial tools, newsletters, and workshops to help your employees make informed decisions about their retirement savings.
  • Personalized individual support. Our dedicated support team is available to have deeper conversations, answer questions, and address concerns. They can hold individual goals analysis, review retirement readiness, assess tax-advantaged strategies, provide investment guidance, discuss the pros and cons of investment account consolidation, and help with investment advice.

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