Why You Need a Business Valuation

Planning for the future of your business is difficult when you don’t know how much your most valuable asset is worth. Learn about the various value drivers that can help you prepare for your eventual exit

Improving Cash Flow

Stable and Improving Cash Flow

Increasing productivity and decreasing costs can contribute to stable, predictable cash flow.
Next Level Management


A motivated team knows how to grow companies and facilitate rapid growth.
Operating Systems

Operating Procedures and Systems

Documented processes and systems provide valuable insight into areas for growth.
Reinvent Stakeholder Relationships

Reinvent Stakeholder Relationships

Reinventing your vendor and supplier relationships builds value for your business.
Diversified Customer Base

Solid Diversified Customer Base

A diversified customer base means profits and cash flow don't rely on a few customers.
Competitive Advantage

Nurturing the Competitive Advantage

Developing and documenting competitive strategies enable expansion into new markets.
Realistic Growth

Realistic Growth Strategy

Plan describes your future anticipated growth criteria and how it will be achieved.
Effective Controls

Effective Financial Controls

A certified audit verifies your company has effective financial controls to safeguard assets.
Physical Appearance

Facility Physical Appearance

The business facility has a physical appearance consistent with the asking price.

*Global Wealth Advisors does not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation.

What are the value drivers for a business?

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