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Among today’s uncertainties, financial anxiety is high. Financially secure people may be worried that catastrophe is right around the corner. You’re not alone and we’re here to help. With you as CEO, we act as your personal CFO helping you to:

  • Define your financial goals and risk tolerance
  • Develop a personalized plan tailored to your unique circumstances
  • Coordinate with all of your professional advisors
  • Organize your complex financial life
  • Protect what you’ve built through risk management
  • Keep more of what you earn by applying tax reduction strategies
  • Navigate the investment landscape helping you make informed decisions
  • Stay on track by pivoting with adjustments as your life unfolds

Simply put, our mission is to help people live more and worry less


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The 3P Approach© follows a series of six steps that guide us both through creating your unique plan. The 3Ps are defined as:

Plan. We look at your financial goals, potential life changes like retirement or a career move,  your specific compensation and benefits package, income tax optimization, protecting those you care most about through estate planning, your desired level of charitable giving, and any potential business planning needs.

Prosper. Subsequent meetings expand upon this approach, as we explore your personal financial profile in depth and consider how the 7 Pillars might apply as your life unfolds.

Protect. As each target is met, we help protect your portfolio from potential hazards.  With you as CEO, we work as your personal CFO to ensure you stay on track by helping you manage your fears and natural responses to them.


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You want to ensure you have enough resources to retire, but you also want to ensure your plan is flexible. Our team has identified 112 things we do spanning the entire financial life of our clients.  Rather than attempt to name each activity, we simplified them into Seven Pillars of Financial Success. They are:

▪ Tax Planning Process – Keeping more of what you earn with tax mitigation strategies
▪ Wealth Management Process – Solutions based on your financial goals
▪ Retirement and Financial Independence – Finding the right time for you to retire on your terms
▪ Estate Planning and Charitable Giving Process – Ensuring your loved ones are protected and your wishes met
▪ Risk Management Process – Weighing risk with perceived reward
▪ Assistance to Loved Ones – Helping those you care most about
▪ Value-Added Services – Doing those extra things for you, your family, or your business


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