Steps to Take After Losing a Job

While finding another job may sit at the top of your list, there are other tasks you will also want to prioritize. Our guide can help you negotiate the steps while you are between jobs

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What You Need to Know

It can be difficult to think straight with rumors of impending layoffs flowing through your company.  If you receive official notification from your employer that your job is no longer necessary, it doesn’t have to be catastrophic.  Whether you took the office gossip at face value and braced yourself for the change, or you never imagined you would be the one cut, it is likely you have options when it comes to getting your finances in order.  Our guide on steps to take after losing a job may help.

To help you stay organized, we’ve developed these steps to take after losing a job as a reminder that you have other options to consider.  Topics covered in this guide include:

      • Budgeting
      • Insurance
  • Retirement savings
  • Tax outlook


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