Financial Planning for LGBTQ Singles, Couples and Families

Financial Planning and Investment Management for Your Needs

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Financial planning and investment management for LGBTQ singles, couples and families is an important area of practice. It requires an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the financial challenges facing the community.

We work with business owners, executives, and professionals by helping them simplify the financial complexities of their lives, whatever their goals and career stage.

Why financial planning is important

LGBTQ business owners, professionals, and executives face unique challenges when it comes to their financial planning. You need a financial advisor who understands the changing legal and employee benefit landscape. You need an advisor that can offer you professional advice on reducing the tax burden placed on dual, high-income earners. You need an advisor that can help you prepare financially for family obligations. You deserve a specialist that can help you maximize your strong commitment to community and philanthropy, while helping to ensure you have what you need to retire comfortably as you leave a legacy for others.

Financial planning opportunities for LGBTQ singles, couples and families

As your personal CFO, we partner with you to create a personalized plan that adapts with you as your life, family, and career advances.

A comprehensive plan that addresses your financial situation may include:

      • Income tax planning
      • Insurance planning
      • Risk management
      • Investment planning
      • Wealth management
      • Asset protection planning
      • Retirement and estate planning
      • College planning for your loved ones
      • Philanthropy and legacy planning
      • Debt management
      • Business planning and analysis
      • Employee group benefits planning
      • Financial statements
      • Financial contract review
      • Business exit and business succession planning

Helping you live more, and worry less

Applying our proprietary 3P Approach© to financial planning ensures we address all stages of your career, from its beginning, through mid-career challenges, and through retirement. As your life unfolds, our 7 Pillars of Financial Success address each stage to help you secure the resources you need to be successful, leave a legacy for your family and others, and enjoy a comfortable retirement. With our experience in financial planning for LGBTQ singles, couples and families, we help you simplify the pieces of your financial life, so you can spend time focusing on what matters most.

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