Life Planning

We take a visionary multigenerational approach in planning for the long-term by building a roadmap to help you provide assistance to those you care most about, and to avoid being a burden on the next generation.

Life Planning

LIFE PLANNING APPROACH encompasses just that, planning for a variety of situations that can occur during your lifetime. This can include caring for children, paying for college, making major purchases, marriage and caring for aging parents.

TUITION PLANNING to help fund the education of a loved one may be a dream of yours. We can help you with a plan selection that provides future opportunities for your family members including UGMA/UTMA, 529 college savings plans and other avenues.

ELDER CARE AND SENIOR LIVING OPTIONS for an aging parent, spouse or close friend can present difficult challenges. We work with you to create strategies for managing the day-to-day affairs and medical decisions of those not mentally or physically able to do so.

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