November Financial Tasks

A timeline of monthly financial activities

The month of November should signal the start of your end of year planning. Follow this guideline to stay on track with your monthly financial tasks.

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November 1st.
This is a great time to do some end of year planning, especially before the flurry of holiday activities and stress set in. Evaluate the budget and make any necessary adjustments. Our financial planning app can help.


November is a good time to look over your flexible spending account (FSA) to ensure you will use available funds before year-end.





In November, the student loan repayment grace period for May graduates comes to an end. Recent graduates still looking for employment may want to investigate their options for deferring payments.

The final 90-day
extension for
returns is due by November 15th.


Beat the last-minute rush on your charitable donations. Consider maximizing by donating appreciated assets like stocks and bonds because you can deduct the full value without paying capital gains tax.

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