Planning for your business exit can be stressful

Few decisions have greater financial consequence for an owner than leaving their business, but with an exit guide it can be less stressful

Business Exit Planning Workbook

Planning a Successful Exit

As a business owner, you need an exit plan that reflects the dedication and hard work that has provided you and others with success. That’s why our mission, through an exit planning workbook, is to help you assess your preparedness to exit your business. We endeavor to help you take those successes with you, regardless of the exit plan you select.

Our firm uses a workbook to help you organize your plans and put them into motion. These questions were developed over 20 years ago by attorney John H Brown and form the basis of a seven step systematic process that centers around your personal goals, your specific situation, and your exit needs. For the last twenty years, we have successfully used this process for businesses of various sizes, scopes, and industries, helping owners exit their businesses on their terms.

With the exit planning workbook, you will:

      • Consider your primary and secondary objectives
      • Determine your financial objectives and whether there is a shortfall
      • Identify which value drivers exist and which are missing
      • Look at the tax consequences of a third-party sale
      • Assess the difficulty of selling to insiders
      • Establish a business continuity plan to protect your interest
      • Work on protecting your personal assets and estate

As you begin drafting what an exit might look like for you, we look forward to helping you identify your goals and create a plan that lets you and your family enjoy your exit, while also leaving a legacy for your business stakeholders and community.

For most owners, the business is your most significant asset and the number of possible exit routes can seem unlimited. We’ll be happy to send you a business exit guide so you can put a fine point on your exit objectives, assess your available resources, and visualize what a successful exit might look like for you, your family, and your business.

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