GWA Business Exit Planning Workbook

Business Exit Planning Workbook

Every business owner will stop being an owner at some point, and the number of possible exit routes for a business owner can seem unlimited.

For most owners, the business is their most significant asset, and as a business owner, you need an exit plan that reflects the dedication that has provided you and others with success.

That’s why our mission, as your exit planning advisor, is to make sure you take those successes with you. A great business exit plan can keep owners on track to successful exits.

Business exits are successful when they meet all three of the owner's primary objectives:

1) Leaving the company on the date an owner chooses
2) Leaving the company to the successor that an owner chooses
3) Leaving the company with the amount of cash desired to secure a comfortable post-business life

You may have additional objectives, which we will explore as we create your Plan. As a business owner, it is important for you to know that the foundation of your Exit Plan will be your objectives, not ours.

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